Wisconsin June, 2006

Trip to House on the Rock and Cave of the Mounds


House on the Rock Pictures Cave of the Mounds Pictures


We drove up to Wisconsin on Thursday, June 8. We decided to go to the House on the Rock first since that would be an all day tour. We stopped in Dodgeville and checked into the Best Western Quiet House on Hwy 18 and Hwy 23. Then we drove down Hwy 23 to House on the Rock about noon. There weren't a lot of people there so it was nice going through the house and all the exhibits. It was an amazing place. First there was the house that Alex Jordan built, plus all the various exhibits that have been added. It contains the worlds largest carousel that is really beautiful. The exhibits contains something for everyone with a wide variety of things. There are three tours that include various rooms and you can choose one, two or all three. I strongly recommend all three as there isn't anything I would have wanted to miss in this place. Even the bathrooms were spectacular. We spent over five hours there. It was an 80 degree day. The house has fans around and some exhibits are cool but others were a bit warm. Everything is inside so it doesn't matter if it's rain or shine.

That evening we went to dinner at a Supper Club called Thyms. I would not recommend this restaurant. The service was poor and the food mediocre. After dinner we stopped at Culver's for dessert.

The next morning we stopped at the Country Kitchen, a restaurant next to the motel. They had a great menu with dozens of delicious breakfast items. The rest of the menu looked good too and we should have had dinner there. I had wonderful Belgium Waffles.

We then headed back east on Hwy 18 to the Cave of the Mounds. It was overcast, drizzling, and cool (60 degrees) but since we were going underground it didn't matter. The cave temperature is about 50 so you want to be sure to have a jacket. We got to the Cave a little after 10:00 and they were not too busy either. They didn't have enough people for a tour at 10:15 (they usually run every 15 minutes) but they had a group of school kids coming at 10:30 so we got in that tour. The cave was very interesting and the guide provided a lot of information. It was only an hour tour so we were back on the road and home by 2:00.

It's about a 200 mile drive to the House on the Rock.

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