Our House Remodeling

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Old Kitchen when we started work. (49,349 bytes) Temporary kitchen set up in family room (36,666 bytes) All the junk stored in family room (41,538 bytes) West wall coming down (45,212 bytes) East & South walls bared (45,340 bytes)
ceiling (43,500 bytes) North wall (63,951 bytes) Down to the bare essentials (46,556 bytes) Fully stripped (51,856 bytes) New cam lights for ceiling (39,448 bytes)
new electrical work (48,185 bytes) new drywall (8,018 bytes) new drywall (22,535 bytes) A brand new kitchen (36,450 bytes) Finished at last (36,915 bytes)
Another view (41,224 bytes) View from hall (33,617 bytes) New tile (37,585 bytes) New Tile (28,505 bytes) A job well done! (54,279 bytes)
Old front view of home - cedar siding (40,684 bytes) Front view with new siding (and dog) (58,003 bytes) New Front (64,012 bytes) Old back view (old windows too) (44,293 bytes) New back view - windows and siding (67,566 bytes)

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