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9/16/12 - Little Smadgie died today. He had a wonderful life with Nancy and wouldn't have had a chance if she hadn't adopted him. He was a very special little kitty who we all loved. He had one kidney and an enlarged heart but survived a year thanks to Nancy's love and care.

The newest addition to the Bania household. Smadgie is a very lucky little boy. He was found on someone's driveway with his brother when he was about 2-3 weeks old. They took them to a local animal hospital that works with our shelter. Unfortunately the brother didn't survive.

Nancy had a nursing mom at the time so she took him to see if the mom would accept him. She did, very lovingly. He's had a rough time and has had trouble putting on weight but with all Nancy's attention, he's doing better now. He's about 3 months old here and only weighs a little over 2 pounds. The other cats in Nancy's household have accepted him and play with him.


Nancy's cat (a former foster of mine), Jinx is 1 years old in this picture. Jinx and his sister, Minx (my cat), had a nice birthday party.

He is a handsome, sleek looking boy.

Jinx is a blood donor!


Nancy has a momma with 4 beautiful babies. Then there was a little black kitten, 1 week old, with no momma. So Nancy put him with this momma (SUNSHINE) and she is nursing him. His name is Friday.

UPDATE - The two calicos were adioted by Nancy's niece in Tennessee and Nancy flew them down there.

Friday is now Smadgie and was adopted by Nancy (see above).


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

The mom, Strawberry, was adopted by Nancy's eye doctor and is enjoying life with 2 doctors in Highland Park.

The babies are now back at the shelter, waiting for adoption. Looking at them, I'm sure it won't be long. They are so adorable.

UPDATE - all were adopted.

  This is Strawberry. She had her babies on 6/3/11. Two were delivered normally, but Nancy noticed a problem and rushed her to the vet where the third was delivered by C-section. Nancy, being a vet assistant, even got to watch the procedure. Strawberry is now doing well and so are the 3 babies - one is a calico.

New permanent addition to Nancy's household



Here's mom when she was pregnant. Her name is Strawberry.

EVIE - Foster


EVIE's babies - about 11 days old here. Two white identical kittens

Born September

6 foster kittens born May 15


MANDY 4-5 week old female - ADOPTED




MILES 4-5 week old male - ADOPTED


GWYN 4-5 week old female - ADOPTED


BELLA - 3 year old Chartreux

New permanent addition to Nancy's home, after her owner died. She is a special Type B cat and donates blood in emergencies (rare blood type).

Milo & Poppy - permanent residents of Nancy's home.

Winston sleeping

Milo and Poppy


Winston & Henry

Winston's Doghouse, custom built by Nancy


WINSTON & MONTY (Barbara's foster)





Winston and his wagon