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We got this group. 4 kittens from the same litter. Two are twins and hard to tell apaart. They are about 4 weeks in these pictures.

Twins are Twiddle and De Dee (female), Black is Jinx (male), Tortie is Minx (female)

Jinx has been adopted by my sister Nancy and I adopted Minx.

The twins have also been adopted from the shelter.


8 week old kittens - Aquarius (male), Cassiopia (female), Antares (female)

Fostered for a few weeks in July to socialize them. We were their first exposure to humans. They were rescued from the wild. They have all been adopted.

CRESCENT - 6 weeks male


DUSKY - 6 weeks male

PIXEL - 6 weeks female



ZERO - 6 weeks male

4 1/2 weeks


Names: Puzzles, Panda, Spike, Wolfee, Stashee

The two black/white ones (Panda and Spike) are males, the three calicos are females.


This is Sassy when she was pregnant. We took her in when she was about 3 weeks pregnant so she wouldn't be exposed to anything at the shelter. She is about 1-2 years old.

The picture on the left is just after she had her litter of 5 kittens. They are less than 10 hours old. She did well delivering them.

Pictures of the kittens as they grow are above.

Misty is 11 weeks here and all healed. She is still a little skittish with people but gets along great with kittens.

She's back at the shelter now and we hope she'll be adopted soon.


Misty is 8 weeks here. She was beat up with some open sores and an upper respitory infection. We were nursing her back to health.

Cream, despite the name, is a boy. He loves playing with your shoes.


All of our fosters sleeping together. Cream, Dell, Zack and Tuffy are from the same litter and are 7 weeks old here. See pictures below.

All were adopted the first week after they went back to the shelter.

Tuffy has a little white on his chest and a little white on his stomach, otherwise all black, medium hair. He's our escape artist and darts out of the room when you open the door.


Dell was originally named Elle until we found out he was a boy so we renamed him Dell.

4 of the 5 kittens. And we found out Lola is a boy, not a girl. Her/his name is now Lennon. All have been adopted except Spring. She was sick for a long time after she went back to the shelter. She's finally off meds so we hope she'll be adopted soon.




Zack is a little ball of fluff with black accents. Very energetic. He was the first of his litter to be adopted, only a few days after going back to the shelter.

4 Weeks old 4/28/09


4 weeks old 4/28/09




MONTERO (We call him Monty)

Foster Dog from Almost Home Foundation


Lab/Husky mix - they think - 55 lbs.

Sooty and Tootsie 9 weeks old, Cal 7 weeks

We adopted Sooty and Tootsie (renamed Oreo) who are sisters


All kittens relaxing



Cal at 4 weeks old


Sammy - My first foster cat! Was abandoned by her owner and transported from Virginia back to original shelter - Buddy Foundation.