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Update - All the babies have been adopted. Unfortunately, Qwill got sick and died this weekend. This is the disadvantage of being in a shelter. Viruses spread easily and it's hard to isolate sick cats. She was a wonderful cat and it's sad she never found a home.

Update - Qwill (mom) is now back at the shelter waiting to be adopted. The kittens are 8 weeks old and will go back in a week or so as soon as the two smallest reach 2 pounds. The white multi color and one tabby are still a little small.

Their names are: Black Lily (black kitten), Three Flowers (white/multi color), Bangles (tabby on left), Belka (tabby on right).

This will probably be my last litter of this year. I'll miss having them around.


4 weeks old


and the black one is 1 pound already

3 weeks - eyes open, starting to crawl around


2 weeks, still have eyes closed but can hear

Qwill's babies at 1 week old.


Qwill just gave birth. There is one all black, one black/gray/white, and two tabbies.

The shelter had a pregnant cat that needed a foster and the available fosters weren't experienced with deliveries. So I gave my mom and litter to one of them and took the pregnant cat. We'll see when she delivers.

I named her QWILL.


Mom and 4 babies. 2 tabbies (1 male, 1 female) and 2 tuxedos (1 male, 1 female). In this picture they are one week old. Their eyes aren't open yet. They are now in another foster home so I could take another pregnant cat.



We got another 4 kittens. Two orange, the small one is KULA, the big one is RUMPUS. A tortishell named MISU and a black one named VADAR.

Kula got sick a few days ago and we tried heating pads and Nancy came over to give him shots of fluids but he wasn't getting better. He went to the animal hospital yesterday and passed away during the night. He was the smallest at only one pound. Unfortunately, that's the drawback of fostering. You can't save them all.

The other two, Misu and Vadar are still healthy.

UPDATE: Rumpus is keeping his tail. All three have been adopted.


Rumpus had to go to the animal hospital the next day because he had a broken tail and a hernia. We think it happened at the place he was at before we got him. They kept him for a week and now he's back with us. They think they will have to amputate his tail when they do the neutering on him. It's broken in several places.


We first got a litter of 4 - a female tabby (One-Bit), a female black with half a tail (Two-Bit), a female black (Kilo-Bit), a male black with white tipped tail (Mega-Bit).

Then the shelter got a black and white long hair cat all alone so we took him in too. His name is Black Eyed Pea. He's the biggest and probably part main coon. He was sick for a while but is now healthy. One-Bit and Two-Bit are very small (hence their names). The three black ones aren't very social yet. We have to work with them more. But the tabby is a real lover.


We've got 3 new kittens. The two long-hairs are female (Annie Oakley and Calamity Jane) and the short-hair gray/white (Jesse James) is male. All were very ferral when I got them. We got them to like people. Unfortunately they all tested positive for FIV. We hope someone will adopt them.

UPDATE: Two have been adopted together. Jesse got adopted in August.


It's Kitten season again!

This is my first litter of fosters this year. Mom was here for a while but she got sick and went back to the shelter. She better and is waiting for someone to adopt her.

The babies are two identical Main Coons - Fizz and Feathers, and two identical white with black spots on their head - Fleur (only female) and Flurry.

They got sick too, probably from their mom but I nursed them back to health.