Are you looking for a way to attract and train more foster homes?

When you adopt out a cat or kitten would you like to know that the people are educated in the care of the pet?

These interactive programs can help.

FOSTERING - The program begins with a topic helping them decide if they want to foster and what is involved. It helps them decide what age group they can choose to foster. It covers supplies, life stages and medical issues. The most difficult part, saying goodbye to a foster, is covered in a logical and thoughtful manner making it easier on the foster parent and the feline. It can supplement your training of new foster homes.

CARING - This program goes deeper into what an OWNER of a pet needs to know. It also includes a topic on choosing a kitten or a cat and the benefits of indoor only cats. You can put it in your adoption kit for people who are not experienced cat owners.

Both programs are free for download to everyone.

Here is a brochure you can download and print to promote the programs.

Note: If you include a link to this site on your website you can help educate people.

For questions or information contact: Barbara Brown,
2607 Teaberry Ct, Burlington KY 41005